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Canine Feminist Collective

On Being Dogs

canine feminist collective
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Currently residing in deepest darkest Wolverhampton, UK. We are a feminist collective of mainly canines. Our pack comprises 4 Rescue Dogs + 2 humans. Canines - Abe and Java, and Kato born 97,98 and 04 respectively. Humans, hatty and hippy - old enough to know better but thankfully don't.

The Canine Feminist Collective = (aka The Sweetnesses)
Abe - of pies, small (Hey! who yer calling small? You looking at me?) fidgety Jack Russell Terrorist Cross. Neurotic. Canny, cute and full of energy. Compact impish cerburus. Slim,soft warm,eternal puppy.. Father Dougal of Dog World. - RIP little Abe 2013
Java - of sticks, odd, strange, proper Mongo dog, Collie Cross/everydog ever. Came with lots of psychological baggage. Deeply affectionate but shy, reserved and cautious in relationships. Deep. Mystery psyche. Resembles bag of sticks. Huge hooter. RIP Java - 2014
Kato - of chaos, The Sweetness, Pretty Sweetness. Piggyface. German Shepherd/Rottweiler cross/pinch of collie. Clumsy affectionate lummox. Gentle giant.Highly inteligent but daft as brush. Muddy. Teenage. Misunderstood. Scaredy Cat.
Frodee - of boing. Little Man. Light pawed - in an rpg he would play a rogue and stealth everywhere. Funny,affectionate,nervous, timid, loving comedian. Arrived 2010 aged 6.

Sadly passed away in 2007 at nearly 16 - Lindsay - of clouds - Zen-dog. What is the sound of one paw clapping. Coffin-dodging old dudess collie-cross, resembles a fluffy black cloud, enjoying senility and bumping into stuff. Father Jack of DogWorld.

Occaisionally transmission gets hijacked by our human to froth and rant - usually about celebrity chefs or the Cameron Tory Bass.