It's out of date tho, i got question 2 wrong cos it doesn't have the year in it.
Managed to get 6 tho, would have been 7 if they'd updated it. I think a couple of those were lucky guessed mind. :o)
question two is a mess
EMPLOYMENT: The national minimum wage for workers aged 22 and over goes up next month from £4.20 per hour to what?

A: £4.30 per hour

B: £4.50 per hour

C: £5.00 per hour

The answer was B

The new rate for workers aged 18-21 inclusive, is £3.80 per hour.
the question was for over 22s, why is the answer for under 22s?

if the bbc cant get their facts straight...

i got 4/10 not including this glitch, so we'll call it 4/9

like i know who runs the welsh assembly and would refuse a refund on the basis that someone had already received one, if they had a receipt.

and i think everyone should get longer breaks, damnit!

Re: question two is a mess
i cant read, can i? theyre just confusing the issue by also mentioning the rate for under 22s.

i thought it was well up to a fiver an hour by now.

then again, i dont become british for another year.