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At 2pm this afternoon the Sweetness appeared with an empty, chewed, paracetemol container. Fairly certain it must have been empty but still we rushed off to the vets to have them make the Sweetness sick. Then eat charcoal. Poor Sweetness. Not quite as appetising as the wholemeal bread she had when she ate glass.

Anyway,she's fine, very hungry having had her stomach emptied at high velocity. And another lesson for us that just because something is in a childproof container in a locked cupboard, in a locked room that the Mensa Houdini Kato-doglet won't get her paws on it.

Anxiously sitting in the waiting room while Kato was being emptied out, we were distracted by a King Charles Cav type thing, snuffling, coughing, choking, not ill, just bred that way. :-(
Nightmare! Hope she's ok! Pippa is very much the same, the more disgusting it is the more compelled she is to eat it. This includes dirty tissues and snails. She also steals. Last one was a packet of extra strong mints triple X. Lurcher breath gone for an hour or two but picking up the resultant steamer was not quite so appealing...
Awww, poor thing :-/ ..glad she's ok! What the appeal is with eating nasty medicines/candles/pens/wax crayons etc is i really don't know, but they don't seem to learn!

Dogs so wierdly bred they can hardly breathe are really sad..saw some sort of bulldog thing at a festival a few weeks back, absolutely boiling hot day and the thing sounded like it was having a constant asthma attack, eek..
Oh you have my sympathy...I have had two dog with dicky tummies all weekend....proabaly from drinking feral water... I have been up on the hour every hour all night Saturday and Sunday letting them out....ZZZzzzzz...finally dosed them with Kaolin and Morphine...they got new squishy beds by way of compensation though....

Hope sweetness is feeling better......