kato age two

Kato To Be UnRuly NightMare - Skool Closure Shocker

Kato's Skool announced yesterday that at the end of this term, they will be packing it in. The venue School (some private Hogwarts type place) don't want the dogs anymore - perhaps they spotted our cross-breed sistah in amongst the Tettanhall pedigree Chavs. Trainer feels he has had enough - being nearly 70 (which stunned everyone). Its a shame as agility is no fun on your own, training although fun, just not the same without the other dogs to socialise with. 5 minute Down Stays are really boring without the other dogs to play Chinese Whispers with. Finding another school might be impossible as some take it so seriously, get so competitive, look down their snooters at cross-breed dogs.

Kato got into a bit of a "Too-Do" with (possibly) the small black retriever that Oblong had been flirting with last week. A bit of  barky swearing, offers to meet at the gate at 6. So, Kato got taken for some time out with the trainer (similar to Naughty Corner but more active) - tail firmly between her legs but she was perfection doing heal work with the Trainer, to distract her from the Fat, Slag bitch in the Cheap Bling Collar. Kato wet herself again when she first saw Oblong, the girls got it bad, but in three weeks time its goodbye, forever.........

Java had a fanBarkinTastic Time with the Wolverhampton College Staff Association, though her back left seized up a little on return from the walk. Glyn (her Personal Dogsitter) noticed that the leg was very cold which would indicate a circulation problem. Java sat in the pub with 5 (FIVE!) dogs and was perfectly friendly and amicable, no bum fur-up or snarly grimaces. Java socialised like she never had a fecked up puppyhood, chatting amicably, cracking jokes and laughing aloud with the other dogs.

Abe and Kato looking like they just had a night on the sherry

Don't worry we put throws on that sofa if we have visitors.............

Actually Kato (lying down doglet?!) looking like she's going in to the prostitute business!
"she's going in to the prostitute business!"

Heh, you don't have to pay Kato, she's a bit loose innit.
Damn, in that case you're going to have to pimp her out and take the lion's share of her earnings - shame to see such a talent go to waste!! :)