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What sort of doglet takes 15 minutes to eat a Bonio?

Kato is a picky dudess when she eats snacky things alone, circling the food item for a few minutes, then lying down in front of it, sniffing, exploring, nibbling slowly and carefully, spitting it back out to inspect it, pushing it round with her nose, batting it around with one of her flippyflop paws. If the back door is open the Sweetness will take the item to her lab to dissect. If its something she is not sure she is allowed to have, she slinks past us very fast. Slinking out to her Lab with the mixer measure cup, or slinking indoors with a rotton, maggot ridden cucumber she has dug out of the compost heap.

However, if there are other dogs on her radar - it doesn't touch the sides.

In other news, Java is off out tomorrow for a ramble with her Personal Dogsitter and the Wolverhampton College Staff Association which will include a pub or two. Bit of identity theft as she is wearing Lindsays ID tag, as both Java and Abe have lost their ID tags.......we should X-Ray the Sweetness........

Canine Feminist Collective would be happy to be sponsored by Bonio Biscuits

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Ours love Gravy Bones......Meena used to be a bit picky...until she saw Barnum scoff his with the speed of light.....