kato paw

Baking Day at Canine Feminist Collective HQ

Not for the feinthearted  - its pretty grim stuff

Tomate de Biscuity poisson avec le Carotte dans le Bone

Ingrediants - raw diced carrot, regular mixer, 1 can pilchards in tomato, 1 can chappy, random biscuity surprise, empty *filled* bones (bought from pet shop filled with stuff and unfilled by us)

Place carrots, pilchards, mixer and a splash of water in bowl

Stir until it resembles the aftermath of a bad beerykebaby night out


Fill ends of empty bones with chappy

Fill with mixture and add fetching biscuity garnishs



Place in freezer for at least 24 hours then serve........
It should work for Kongs too....ours love frozen stuffed bones......Barnum loves Kongs filled with dairylea....or squirty Primular cheese....bit messy though...