kato age two

Life In the Old Bitch Yet

Lindsay went to the vets today just for an MOT and pick up her prescriptions. Uneventful vet visit until a young Boy Puppy sat next to her in the waiting room. "Coo, hello Little Boy" smoozed Lindsay "Would you like to see some puppies?" Or whatever the dog equivalent is.

"Ooooh Young Man" she continued, shaking her ears back in a carefree manner "I,ve got some Bonios under my coat, would you like a Bonio, Young Man"

hippy felt embaressed as the usual Father Jack of the Canine World turned into a coy flirt, batting her eyelids and snooting his yet-to-be neutered bits.

She didn't even notice a cat arriving on a collar and lead. Sensible move. Waiting room full of dogs who just see a snack on a lead. Java would never have coped.
Heh! Should point out that Lindsay was snootering Young Man Puppy Dogs yet-to-be neutered bits and not hippys, (though the Mad Old Bird and Kato are not averse to snootering where polite snooters should not go)