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Love Is.......a Little Wee

Kato was so overjoyed to see Oblong Ed at school today she did a little wee !!!! then got a smidge upset when Oblong took interest in a younger lass, black retriever type. Like Whatever. Kato turned her flirty attention to Helicopter Dog but kept looking over her shoulder to see if Oblong was looking. Helicopter Dog is a small black spaniel type who completly took over his household and terroized the family unless the husband was there. Helicopter Dog is a completly reformed character since attending training. And called Helicopter Dog as even though small he just helicopters over the jumps.

Todays indoor exercises included a socialisation game where the dogs have to walk towards each other quite closely. 7 dogs facing 7 other dogs. The aim is partly to teach the owners not to tense up when approaching another dog as this just sends the tension down the lead. It was done by all dogs to perfection except for two dogs who actually live together got a bit sweary with each other.

Meanwhile back at Collective HQ - Abe and Lindsay assisted with "Baking Day" and there are 30 tuna/pilchard/biscuit surprises freezing away in the freezer.

And Java is completly recovered - her Back Left is fully working again.
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Lond distance relationships, you know, never work out. Thugh she will probably fall in love again the minute she sees him.
I would have loved to take Barnum to school...but as can happen....he was too old for the puppy classes and far to naughty for the intermediate classes...we didnt get him til he was almost two....