Bad Ass Monopoly

Excellent weekend of Goth N Roll with Gothic Dogsitters Inc. - two Bad Ass wild nights of Cider & Vimto, being mostly upside down, slutty tummy rubs, biscuits a-go-go and ummm......monopoly on the PS2. Might sound dull "but its different", quoth Eddy, "cos its on the telly!" Anyway, regular monopoly doesn't get physical/have fouls/go into injury time.
Boglin brought Abe some comedy sausages as a belated birthday pressie - we have been chewing & flinging in Freudian manner making male eyes water.
Humans went visiting ancestors - falling in collapsing graves in Halkyn Church Yard. Lindsays old basket mate, Lilo,(cat!!) is doing just fine, spoilt stupid but said "give the old bitch a spit in the eye and a scratched nose from me, for old times sake" Heh!
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