kato age two

The Little Fella

"Are all of your dogs female?"
"Yup, even the Little Fella."

Kato adores Little Abe. And often searches for the Little Fella. Abe is not averse to giving Kato a nip if Kato gets too rough. Even though Little Abe can almost stand up underneath Growing Kato, Abe can play hard, fast and snappy and doesn't stand any nonsense from Kato. Java and Abe living seperate lives has its advantages in that the Full-Of-Beans Kato has one playmate to hurtle round the garden with while the other is on charge.

Today Kato and Java went to Chester to visit humans parents. Kato sulked a bit as she was mostly breakfast-less to try to avoid the usual travel sickness.

Cheered up when she saw that hattys Mum is very generous towards the local birdlife, Kato hoovered the lawn of all the birdys bread.

"Ooooh" said Matriarch as she dampened more Sunblest sliced white "The birdys are very hungry today"