kato age two

Mixing with the wrong boys, playing with the wrong toys

School today. Kato relished her flawless agility - sadly the last round till next year as the owners of the Tettanhall Massive don't do rain or cold.  In between lessons, Kato and Oblong Ed snogged with tongues, played Biting Faces and giggled like teenagers in love.

 Then it was off-lead agility and Oblong saw his chance to really impress his bitch with his Bad Boy ways. Oblong Ed legged it off around the field, raiding another dogs humans handbag for a squeaky toy he had espied earlier. Recall, SchmeeCall. Oblong galloped around, squeaking the stolen toy, evading a brave rugby tackle by doglet_cfc_male  (aka hippy) even the trainer said it was a brave attempt - most people won't rugby tackle English Bull Terriers. So Kato was let off lead as Bait, the theory being that Kato could be recalled and Oblong would follow the Object of his Desire - dogs are just so much cleverer than that!  Kato was dutifully recalled but Oblong just ran away "You'll never Take me Alive" and "I,ll be Back for you Kato, I love you"

"I love you too Oblong, go, be free, my Hero"

Not a dry eye in the field..........

Oblong was eventually cornered by Trainer and hippy. With a sideways glance to his bitch (though in fairness Oblong only does Sideways glances) Oblong knew he had impressed the Smitten Kato.