kato age two

Lifes A Bitch - Tripod Dog

You know how it - you have a weekend of socialising, relaxation,pub,extra sardines, more pub and a 10 mile walk arranged with your Personal Dogsitter, and what happens? Back Left packs up!

Java is intermittently lame, especially after a Big Sleep. Java doesn't seem distressed or in pain,is getting about fine. But Big Day Out walk with her Wolverhampton College Staff Association friends probably isn't a good idea. But we will see on the weekend how she is.

Poor Ja-ja is rarely vocal(other than guarding barks) but did squeak last night when Kato pulled her Back Left.
Re: Get Well Soon Java!
Its OK now, but a few games of Slippy Slam and she will be limping again. We think it won't really heal unless she has a couple of days of non-Slippying and anti-inflamitorys (sp). Hoping that Glyn (her very special person) will perhaps have her overnight(s) for rest and relaxation...........away from Kato is what we actually mean.

Java loves to play with Kato and just can't say No to a game of Slippy.