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The Zen of Vaccinations and Protest

Kato: BarkTard, I would have had him if hippy hadn't held me back. Barkin, MotherWoofing BarkTard.
Lindsay: Greetings Little......errr....Young Kato. Why these barks of anger?
Kato: Got duped on my Walk. Ended up at that white coated humans place - the one who made my tummy sting.
Lindsay: Ah, the Healer, the same one as removed your stitches after your spay?
Kato: Yeah, Gay Austrailian Barker(1) - and hippys a turncoat, wanted me to put a Snooter Box on! I just grumbled a bit. Then the BarkTard stuck a four foot needle in my neck - worra Woofer. Next Time, I am so sinking my teeth into his rotten vet leg
Lindsay:(holding up a wise paw) Vengeance, Young Kato, is a dish best served warm, via ones urethra
Kato: It is?
Lindsay: Indeed, the peaceful passage of warm waters.......humans will mistake this for terrified passivity and be wracked with guilt. Humans will pay many,many Biscuits to absolve their guilt.

(1) Vet is possibly neither Gay or Austrailian but a lack of name badges leaves us to create our own ways of identifying the various vets.

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Barnum gave our vet a black eye.....words of wisdom never bend over Barnum and ask for the paw.....or you are likely to get it...right in the kisser...