kato age two

Another Year In the Life of Abe

So Little Abe turns eight years old - a time I never thought would come. The Cute Baby Abe joined the Collective when I couldn't see to the end of the day, let alone imagine being 8 years in the future, and happy.

Heres Birthday Pooch with  Party Tea,  Hotdogs and Potato with her regular supermarket d-word. Got Abe a fetching stripey bone toy, but she can only have it when she is having Time Out at the moment until the squeak is removed and its Newness reduced. (New Squeaky Toys are very high value and can cause misunderstandings in the Collective)

Abe looking for a hiding place


Awwww, you must have been a cute pup Abe! Happy Birthday :) Tis Pharaoh the Phabulous' first birthday tomorrow, as a present we are having Rowan spayed and chipped!

Quite a few photos here;


but mainly of Rowan and Dune
Re: Darkestsomerset

Awwww, but what big pointy snooters! You really need to get an LJ! Have you seen the pictures of scarybex dogs, its snooter central there. I don't think her dog posts are locked.

Abe was immensely cute, I had her from five and a half weeks old, a soft flump of a pup. I always think puppy tummys feel like rubber but All of Abe was made of rubber.

Is Rowan a girl? Then again, the name Abe doesn't give away her gender, the vet nurses always pronounce it Abbee.