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Back To Skool

So Kato went back to skool today. After 8 weeks off had she forgotten everything? Kato was very excited, and especially happy to see her mates Oblong Ed, Helicopter Dog, Posh Labs and even Psycho Shepherd (till he started). Psycho Shepherd is perfectly charming off lead, but on lead he mutates into a lungeing psychotic maniac, frothing and swearing.

Snogged Oblong with tongues and everything. Oblong did his usual smashing into things in Agility, Kato did her agility really fast, one would suspect performance enhancing drugs, exactly what is in the Organic Biscuity Goodness? A bit too fast, so hippy tried keeping her on the lead for the second round, which made it a clumsy affair of hippy falling, almost beingdragged through the tunnel and then tying himself up in the lead.

Still the Only CrossBreed Sistah in the Village, but hey, this bitch turns heads, so whatever. Held her plume tail high when the class divided into Freshers and Experienced for agility - and she minced off to Experienced. Went Upside Down in a Down Stay and had to be turned the right way up, but all-in-all, hadn't forgotten anything.....just her exhuberant playfulness gets in the way of her concentration.

Its agility and outside things for the next couple of weeks, then indoor stuff, including flyball. Oblong Ed hasn't a hope at Flyball as his eyes are on the sides of his head, not the front, so he won't see the Ball Flying towards him. Kato, not the biggest fan of ball games, will probably get clunked on the nose a few times, then rip the ball to smithereens.

Meanwhile, back at Canine Feminist Collective HQ, Java and Lindsay watched patiently while hatty made 26 filled bones. Java got to lick the bowl, Lindsay got the chopping board to lick, and trying to hold it still with one paw, ended up skateboarding accross the kitchen, crashing into the wall.
Yes, we freeze them. They are the filled bones from pet shops, sometimes they are bleached or smoked and have some sort of paste in them. When they are empty we fill them with a concoction of pilchards, cheap mixer, chappy and maybe a biscuit wedged inside or raw carrot. Used to use mashed potato but seemed to be very easy for them to extract.

Kongs weren't lasting two minutes Java can easily rip up a brand new heavy duty kong. I think the bones last about 10 freezes till they start to crack. Abes technique is to throw the bone repeatedly on the (wooden) floor until the stuff falls out.

Heh, I,ll post recipe pictures at some point.

Only Kato has a meaty bone (from pet shop) as she doesn't really crunch them up like Abe & Java would. Lindsay finds even a bonio hard going these days and isn't really interested.
You shoud do recipes, Barnum loves Dairylea but he makes a right mess with it and gets more over himself than in his mouth......
I used to get them the filled bones but the quality seems to have dropped as they can crunch great big lumps off them now, I might have to look else where for better quality ones...