kato age two

Organic Biscuity Goodness

Today the Collective received an important package from DarkestSomerset (WINOLJ....yet). Full of Organic Biscuity Goodness with exotic names such as "The Italian Job" "Nutty But Nice" "Morning Morsels" and "Cheddar Gorgeous".  First parcel the Collective have received that we have munched the contents in preferance to the packaging. Even Lindsay munched enthusiastically through an Italian Job.

Noting that the contents of Nutty But Nice and Morning Morsels were veggie, our humans have STOLEN one of our Organic Biscuity Goodnesses. Yes, we wuz robbed. So next time you encounter our cruel humans feel free to taunt them with "You Eat Dog Biscuits You Do"

Organic Dog Biscuity Goodness - tested on humans!


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Glad you finally have them CFC, our humans steal our biscuits too :( and were once heard to remark that they could 'get a taste for them', yeah, that's what they think!

Re: DarkestSomerset
WINOLJ = With no live journal.

Revenge for biscuit-crime was taken in the form of not one,not two....but THREE shredded toilet rolls.
We.....errrr, we mean Kato, managed to cover entire spare bedroom, half of the stairs and hall. Lindsay and Abe were just bystanders, but did shout the humans to come and have a look at the mess the Critter had made........at 5am........