Its Not Like - Original

In 50's & 60's cheap sci-fi films - the year 2000 was always depicted as being in shiny metallic bubbles with escalators aplenty and huge tinted windows cos the suns gotten too hot - so why hatty Human is so appalled by the new Selfridges/BullRing buildings is beyond us. You knew it was coming humans - you've been making films about it for the last 50 barking years - so why the woofin surprise? hatty returned from "shopping trip" feeling distanced from the world - all that pretend wealth, those price tags, all that greed & desire and yet people on the same planet still die of starvation/lack of medical care. And people pay 20 quid for a pair of skidders.
The irony is that our Humans could probably afford *that* lifestyle but they don't want it - why don't they want it? - they say they find it gaudy & obscene and unnerving - that level of pointless consumerisim.
Uh Oh - we feel a weekend of leftie reflection coming on and some mad half-baked idea to go live off the land, give all our spare money to threatened species such as tigers and African children, and wear wellies. With a chicken. And lentils. All organic - even the wellies.

There were some youngsters in the Bullring - early teens - just hanging out, sharing one McSickShake. hatty overheard the security saying "If your not continuing with your shopping experience - then please leave the centre"
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