Abes Vaccinations

Following our dilemma over whether or not to vaccinate Abe, given her increasingly bad reaction to vaccinations, and researching widely, we have decided not to take her for her booster. The vet (reluctantly) offered us tests to see how high or low her immunity is. But what would we do with this information? If it was high immunity then great - but if it were low, we are still left wondering if the next booster could kill her by anaphylaxis. I am a nurse, I have seen this death,(in humans) and it is horrific. Abe nearly died following a bee/wasp sting reaction.

We could take Abe for extensive, specialist tests for her allergies,(and we can afford it) but for those of you that know the neurotic bundle that is vet-shy Abe, I am sure you understand, that this would be extremely distressing for her and she would react badly to these tests. I have a friend who has severe allergies and the tests were traumatic for him, let alone me little dog, who would have to travel to some remote university and be sedated, to have several pins stuck in her tummy for patch testing.

We will continue to vaccinate the rest of the dogs.

I wish more research would be carried out - having vaccinated Abe for 6 out of her 7 (nearly 8) years,(with worsening reactions) I suspect her immunity is probably quite high anyway.  Abes reaction to her last booster was not just her being a bit miffed, she was so weak, stunned, couldn't walk, couldn't stand, had to be carried upstairs, eyes vacant or lolling, OFF HER FOOD!, pyrexia, shalllow breathing and neuro-sensitivity. We wondered if she had accidentally been given ketamine.

To our visiting friends - there is a teensy remote chance that Abe could carry Parvo or similar to your animals as a result of her not being vaccinated, even though your animals are vaccinated. Abe will be a weakened link in our fight to eliminate these terrible diseases. Abe is a serial poo/wee sniffer when she is out and about in the world.

I have no belief whatsoever in homeopathic vaccinations so won't be following those up for Little Abe. When we trust them for humans, then we might consider trusting them for our dogs

I think you have probably made the right choice with Abe, it sounds like she has very bad reactions to the vaccine.

I suspect you will only need to take strong precautions if you are going to be in contact with yound un vaccinated puppies....older dogs should be fine....
You have obviously found this a really hard decision but I think that it is the right one. I find my Vet very knowledgable and well informed. When I asked him about the homeopathic vaccinations he said that there was no conclusive proof that they worked and quite a bit to the contrary. As he pointed out if it was otherwise, they would be offering them themselves. Vaccinations are not one hundred percent anyway (unfortunately) so you could take the risk of the booster and she could still get any of the things that she is vaccinated against.

BTW, you can see a couple of photos of Rowan here;