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The Lure of the Older Man

Szandor, a tri-colour border collie came to visit today. Lindsay knew his sort from the minute he swaggered in with his amorous designs on the teenage Pretty Sweetness.  A quick snifter to check out his testicle status and a Fight broke out!! Yes, you read that right. Not Cranky Abe, not the Mood Swingy Java but Lindsay, her of the Zen Dogist peacefulness. Lindsay ended up in solitary for the rest of the day.

And Kato hadn't listened to the warnings of the wise one and was soon eating out of the smooth talking Szandors paw - Oblong Ed, Helicopter Dog and Blade just a distant memory as she fell in love (again). We are beginning to think the Pretty Sweetness is actually a bit of an Impartial Slagness.

Heres Szandor, he is five, currently unattached and lives with his human in Bearwood.

Kato does Mermaid routine to seduce the older dog - http://floot.demon.co.uk/lynn/kato%20sxand.AVI

Kato and Szandor snogging - disgraceful - he is old enough to be her grandfather - in human terms he is 35 and she is 13.

Zen Dogist peacefulness, Lindsay
I must point out that Lindsay did not fire the first shot (though many years ago she called herself 'Full metal Jacket' until I convinced her that the only full metal jacket that ZenDogs should know about are the ones that their food comes in). She was just having a bit of a rummage round Szandor's back axle, going 'young man, young man', when he pushed he to the ground, spat on and messed up her ruff. No proper bites or blood or anything.

Lindsay, of course, would have forgotten this 2 minutes later so had to be 'put up' with a chocolate bonio, otherwise we would have had a repeat of this every two and a half minutes throughout the afternoon. Oh well.
Re: Zen Dogist peacefulness, Lindsay
Lindsay is obviously a True Feminist in an 80s bollock crunching way and the rest of the Collective should be very proud.