kato age two

Due to Builder Induced Boredom -

the dogs have been allowed a meme - stolen from scarybex/balsal heathen

A - Accent:  errrr........dog.....woofy barks; meepy heartsnapping wimpering; wide eyed, we haven't been fed for a month Lassie Come Home emotional tone.

B - Breast size:  all been spayed so its flat chest central round here

C - Chore you hate:  sometimes guarding gets us down, damn these instincts.........you know how it is, your just listening to the Archers, flicking through Your Dog magazine and then Wham! you JUST have to go bark & bark & bark

D - Dad's name:  Errrr.......Kato's mum was called Tia, thats about it as family trees go

E - Essential make-up item:  Advantage anti-flea

F - Favorite perfume/oil scent:  dead,mouldy, festering stuff

G - Gold or silver:  Biscuit.

H - Hometown:  Lindsay-Wolverhampton, Java-Manchester, Abe-Birmingham, Kato-Ireland

I - Insomnia?:  Posty Must Die, The Early Dog Catches the Posty

J - Job title:  Security Guard(J), Bouncer/Locksmith(K), Wise Elder(L), Village Idiot(A) 

K - Kids: No chance of that, see B. Java had a phantom pregnancy and went a bit fruitlooped once, built a nest, gathered up some essential items - tissues, ciggarette ends, telephone....

L - Living arrangements: Sharing with rest of pack

M - Mum's birthplace:  Kato's Mum was an Irish GSD, Abes Mum was a Brummie probably JRT. Java and Lindsay have much collie in them.

N - Name of first love:  Biscuit.........oh you mean in a mekking puppies type way. Lindsay - a tripod dog called Merry, Lindsays possiby not a virgin.....you read it here first! Abe - a dustpan and brush. Kato - a dashing rottie called Blade. Java - a phantom (see K)

O - Overnight hospital stays: Kato had to stay in when she was spayed. Abe nearly had to stay in when she had anaphylactic shock but vet decided it was easier to let her go home than have human telephoning every other minute. Java spent several months in rescue being overlooked if that counts. ("And thats cos she's a barking psycho" - Abe)

P - Phobia: None now, it used to be thunder and fireworks but there was no way we older doglets were going to show the young Critter Kato we were scared

Q - Quote you like:  The Sound of One Paw Clapping? - Mew.

R - Religious affiliation:  Zen Dogism

S - Siblings: Kato - 1 sister, 3 brothers, tried to keep in touch but to no avail. Abe - 9 siblings, 2 of which our human met and chose Little Abe (the spacky one), Java & Lindsay - unknown

T - Time you wake up:  before our humans

U - Unnatural hair colors you've worn: Never mind the fur colours - see Java's hat icons.

V - Vegetable you refuse to eat: Kato spits out celery and cauliflower. Abe eats around the cosmetic veg in tinned dog food, but eats it eventually, lest any other dog eat it.

W - Worst habit: Kato - poo eating, though growing out of it slowly. Snooting genital areas without invitation. Bum nipping.

X - X-rays you've had: So far none, though Java nearly had to have x-rays when she mangled her back right trying to assasinate a neighbouring dog.

Y - Yummy foods you make: We have caterers for that kind of thing - our humans do a lovely Winalot Duck & Rabbi, served on a crunchy bed of Sainsbury Mixer with a sardine garish. And you really must try the pilchard/mixer/bonio stuffed bones for dessert

Z - Zodiac sign: Biscuit

When Java went camping with Boglin, we tippexed off the "T" on the duck&rabbit tinnys as Baldrick was going along, and his rabbit, Gertrude who had an LJ was a friend of the doglets. Didn't want any misunderstandings. :-)