kato age two

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We doglets are having the best day ever. The builders were suppose to arrive at 8-30 to begin installing the second front door to create an Airlock. Thats where human visitors can decontaminate before meeting us doglets and to stop us chewing up post(y). So far no builders, but human is well on edge and at every slight sound we are slung without ceremony into the garden. Elderly neighbour is gardening (aka spying on us) and he barks at us everytime we appear. No, not shouting or calling out - genuine barking - touch of the loobys about the old dude. Naturally, we bark right back which makes Human call us straight back in. And of course Lindsays brain is wired up with a three minute delay. Just as we younger canines have fallen quiet, the old girl suddenly fires up to join in the barking. Humans nerves are shredding and thats like so funny!

To add the to merriment, each time we are slung outside Kato either digs a huge protest hole or grabs one of the "PutThatDownRightNow"s that are in the outhouse. The grass collecting box off the mower nearly ended up in the pond.