Patients Log

Abe is feeling much better today, still scabby, slight limp, a bit subdued, but the painkillers are really helping and she did a full Mungry Dance whilst waiting for her supper.

Java is fine if still a little sheepish.
How about some fresh sardines from the fishmongers - if you don't want to overload him with oil. Or pour the oil from the sardines over some other food. White fish with some rice if you suspect a tummy upset. A small portion of delicious Chappie with a tiny amount of smelly cheese to tempt him.

Is he dining with the others - he might be happier to dine alone. Or would he like to be handfed - just to get him going. Is his bowl different to his previous bowl (stainless steel instead of plastic perhps)
Poor Abe, she really does cop it at times. Please raspberry her for me as soon as running away won't hurt her!