kato age two


Kato is is fifteen and a half months old now, and has been in the Canine Feminist Collective for nearly a year. From being a round soft pudding of a pup made of rubber and fluff, she has transformed into something quite sleek, strong and with an air of dignity. But its nowt more than an "air"

Kato is Bam Bam Rubble, the Tank Girl of Dogs, at times she is Vicky Pollard, Like Yeah, But No. A backchatting teenager full of contrary angst. Too inteligent for her own good at times - see recent posts for disastrous results of the industrious Mensa Sweetness getting through a doublelocked door. Her guarding and hunting instincts are impressive, swift, focussed but chaotic and often misplaced, as she terrorises moths, toads and plant pots. Kato weighs in at 31kg with a little bit of growing left to do.

And those ears - not uppy or downy.

There looks like a fair bit of collie in there somewhere...Barnum on the otherhand is the Bad Ass TV of the canine world....jumping down the stairs, running into trees, Star Jumping of jetties into lakes etc. (which he has developed into his own patented duck catching technique, he has yet to realise ducks can actually fly away when they see him launch of the jetty)
It was around the first week in September - before term starts anyway as Boglin dog sat t'other three while I said to hippy "Are you sure about this?" every mile (so thats 180 times) to the Rescue and "*YOUR* dogs shat/puked again" 180 times on the way back. :-)