kato age two

Calm After the Storm

Its really quiet here at Canine Feminist Collective HQ. Posty must think we are on holiday as there was no barking when he did his "deliver and run" routine this morning.

Fall-out from yesterdays punch-up, mainly injuries to Little Abe. Extremely Swollen Front Left, bites and cuts all over, serious gash to face, very scabby ears and a quietness that is sad to behold. That Damn Psycho Java is blemishfree but limping slightly on the Front Right. There is no point in us chiding Java - she would not understand what for and just feel unhappy. This morning she flatdogged me, rubbing her clumsy old head under my chin, and I love her as much as yesterday, if not more.

Poor Little Abe staggering about on three paws,obviously not well. So Vetwards for Little Abe. Abe has painkillers, antibiotics and had 2 injections. Has to go back on Thursday. As an indicator of how ill she was - she didn't play up in the vets!!! Abe now more mobile but cautious and frightened, she is under the desk now, still shaken from the violence of yesterday. Abe also has a lampshade, in case she decides to worry at her wounds..........so far , no worrying. Like Abe will keep a lampshade on.........

Securitys increased at Collective HQ, new tricky door locks that *should* foil the Sweetness' innocent attempts to have all her friends together. Kato has been mainly sulking as neither Abe or Java is up for playing Slippy Dog. Kato usually has a good hour of play from each of Java and Abe. Kato seems to instinctively know both A&J are fragile, and is keeping a concerned distance though has had a caring sniff at Abes wounds.

And Lindsay - well, she's just bimbling about, bumping into stuff and talking to plants.