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Abe and Java don't get on and will fight to the death so we live by a very precise regime of 2/3 hourly swops, with Abe and Java spending 2-3 hours in solitary (though its with a smoked, filled bone - so not a punishment, they really look forward to their time-out). Java happily sleeps at night downstairs in her plush designer bed. But we have lived in hope that one day their differences may be resolved. Neither dog has aggression issues with anyone/anydog other than each other.  

But today, the Mensa Houdini Sweetness Kato managed to get a critical door open - Abe & Java had a very bloody fight. Thank dog we were in. Both are injured, both limping, both covered in cuts - but at least we were there to eventually split them up. Security is being reviewed here at  Collective HQ. The Sweetness seems to be able to open any hook&eye, any dooor handle. 

Thankfully Kato did not get involved and stood, bewildered, back from it all. Kato thinks (as do I) that as she loves Abe and Java so much , why don't they love each other.  Kato is now all concerned for her injured friends, gentle sniffs of wounded legs, carefully escorting a limping Abe to the loo.

Kato has the physical power and strength to take over as Top Dog but is psychologically juvenile and a bit of a girly wuss. Thats probably a good thing.

Lindsay was just obliviously loobying about reciting limericks, walking into trees and talking to snails (senility has its advantages).

Its breaking my heart that Java and Abe hate each other so much, after so many years of basket sharing and playing good humoured Slippy Dog. I have had Abe for nearly 8 years, Java for over 6 - how could I part with either?

And for 5 of those years - they got on so well, just the odd spat that one "OY!" from balsall_heathen  or me, could stop in its tracks.

Collective hypnotism for treats - happily sat next to each other

Abe and Java sleeping contentedly together

Playing with a pink tennis ball

And this is how they always slept together - two baskets in my room but only ever needed one.

How dreadful....bitches will have a really good go at each other....I was hoping you were going to say that after the fight things were resolved....

I would be tempted not to seperate(during the day I mean, not in a fight) them but to muzzle them at let them work out their issues with each other....
The fighting got worse after we moved, but became "to the death" after Kato moved in. And we now know it will happen even if we (humans) aren't here. Java can get aggressive if theres strange dogs in *her* house/garden but happily goes on 12 mile walks with the College Staff Association which includes many dogs. And sits in pubs with her dogsitter, chatting with unfamiliar dogs.

Everything I have read about bitch aggression isn't encouraging that we will ever have a resolution.

belladonna - thats a good suggestion about trying them muzzled together - if I ever find one to fit Java, she has a big square nose with a small head. On dogpages someone suggested keeping their harnesses on, so they are easy to grab. I am thinking about contacting Angela Stockdale(behaviourist).
I was just wondering if due to the horrifficness of the fighting ect that the issue has never reached a conclusion as they are always stopped.... I have a dog and a bitch, but she can be a madam and has wrestled a Deerhound to the ground in the past...she is a little below knee hight lab X
Your right belladonna, the fights have always been ended by us. We were slower than usual splitting them up yesterday and Abe has come off really badly. But she wouldn't back down - Jack Russel Terrier cross..........

As hippy said today, they have really hurt each other and just the very sight of the other brings back the memory of painful wounds.

However, when things are calm, and wounds have healed. We are going to try them together with muzzels. I am going to ask on Dog Pages for the url of the custom built muzzels, to get Java kitted out, and probably use a baskerville over a regular muzzel. I am very grateful for your suggestion - I get so upset over them hating each other.
If you do use DP there is a lady trainer on there called Lindsay, she helped me so much with Barnum when he was devil dog.....the Baskerville muzzles are my far the best....Im sure ther is a proper procedure for doing this (re introducing arch rivals) but i can only remember little bits of it....
Paul and me and Jazz and Penny send lots of sympathy, love and hugs.

Well me and Paul definitely do. Penny to be honest can't bother her pretty little head with such things. And Jazz tends to take Kato's point of view - if she isn't involved she doesn't like others fighting and messing up the pack vibe.

Don't know what else to say except more sympathy and love and hugs.
I was really upset yesterday and cried a lot. I agonised again over whether it would be kinder to ask Glyn to have Java, but I love her too much and although she really enjoys&benefits from her holidays with Glyn or Boglin, I think she would miss us. I wonder if I should ask her people (Glyn,Boglin, Simon) to assist when we try a neutral reintroduction.

The issue is only between Abe and Java, both are lovely affectionate dogs - just not together.

Abe is really badly injured but its the calm after the storm now. We....well.....him indoors.....has improved door locking mechanisms to foil the Sweetness.