kato age two

On Being Dogs - Windy Pops

Dog who smelt it - dealt it
Abe = series of Fipp Fipps
Java = long & winding endless phooooweeeepy parweepy phooooey sounds
Lindsay = radiating, silent cloud of hells wrath

We do that dog thing of turning round abruptly to stare at our *invaded by aliens ass* and then run off. The non Windy Popping dogs then run to the afflicted area and look intrigued.
We have new mixer, as in side dish not DJ, Sainsburys deluxe summat or other. Bigger particles than regular mixer. Windy Pops have since increased in frequency. Java (aka mongy) is doing a real Ofra Haza with her butt - Abe's just Fipp Fipp Fipping like some 90s acid techno track and Lindsays radioactive mustard gas is peeling paint and mutating genes.