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boglin visited this afternoon to play Almost Retrieving and Hosepipe game with Kato, and some grown-up conversation with That Abe, That Java and the senile old dudess Lindsay. Nice to see boglin, who has invited the Intrepid Explorer Java to maybe go camping later this summer.

Abe went to the vets to show him her fatty lump on her chest. Abe has mellowed and behaved herself quite well in the vets.  The fatty lump is properly nowt.

Discussed Abes increasingly negative reactions to vaccinnations. The vet was sniffy and drew graphs in the dog drool on the examination table to illustrate his point, quoting wild statistics of improbability. For anyone who has met Abe, she is a dog in a trillion nevermind a million.  Vet was also disbelieving of Abes once Near Death experience until we graphically described Abes violent yellow poo, screaming red rash and respiratory collapse.  However, the vet thinks the reaction to the vaccination is a neurotic reaction to going to the vets, similar to my blood pressure trebling in the GPs surgery - but I know my little dog. Last time Abe had her vacs - she could barely walk and was flipped out for 2 days.

I don't want to be an irresponsible dog owner but nor do I want to push Little Abe nearer to another anaphylactic shock. The compromise is that we will pay for a blood test to see how much resistance Abe has got and immunise accordingly. The vet did admit that every 15 months is probably fine for most dogs and with a fairly large window around that. The vet wasn't sure where he would  find somewhere that will do this blood test and the cost - if he can't I will.

And four packs of advantage anti-flea stuff  purchased, we'll be minging like a daleks armpit for a few days.


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Was nice to be able to put a face to the name last night at Inukshuk, sorry if i was rude - i was somewhat tripping and not quite sure what was going on at that point because the walls in that psytrance room had more or less my full attention :0)

Heh! No worries. Clash of the Chemicals. Your attention was happily elsewhere, and I just wanted to talk endless cheery nonsense and make new friends. LOL!

Hope you enjoyed your night.

Our Vet is much more opened minded than this one sounds to have been, or at least much better versed in the vaccination issues and are used to doing testing these days.

Not that I'm suggesting you should find a new vet or anything :)

Glad the lump is nothing to worry about.
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Its a shame as the vet we saw was Lindsays regualr vet who hippy really likes. I am deeply suspicious about dog vaccinations, mainly because humans don't have numerous boosters. Its a big practice with many different vets, we had two very different responses to the Abe/Java problem - one said "Oh, bitches fighting?, you will have to rehome one of them" and another was more understanding that rehoming was not on the agenda.

If the vet can't find anywhere to test Abes blood, then I will and even deliver the sample myself.

How are your doglets?

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Our doglets are fine :) We have four now. I will send you a link when I have time to do a page with Rowan photos on it. Finding it complicated to keep control of them all!

I think it is either Glasgow or Edinburgh Uni that do the test but I could be wrong, if you ask on Dog Pages I think someone there will be able to tell you.

Our Vets only now do a yearly booster for one or two things and a three yearly one for others. They will test if that is what you want.
I dont have my dogs boostered either....I dont give them anti biotics for every little cut and graze....not while they are young a fit....