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Gothic Dogsitters Inc.(tm) were over for our weekend. Abe and Lindsay were well happy to have tawdryfilth and _eddy staying for the weekend but Kato disgraced herself by turning from a Pretty Sweetness to a Retarded Shyness. Kato, for all her by-the-book socialisation (train stations, crowds, lots of dogs, class) was shy, reserved and silly. Guess she needs more socialisation with people visiting the house, since we moved here, we see very few people. We have even had custom T-shirts printed for the Dogsitters, which cost less to have printed and delivered in 48 hours than a Glade T-shirt.  Java was away at her Personal Dogsitters, enjoying pork scratchings down the pub and getting a sunburnt snooter on her many walks.

Heres the Pathetic Retarded Shyness peeking.......

and a Kato taking a shy sniff of a very Fab Looking Audrey

Lindsay and Audrey - snooter to snooter.

and finally, this is Litte Abe in her faveourite place - on top of Eddy.