Division in the Collective

Today we learnt the difference between crossbreed and mongrels - crossbreeds are the product of two distinct pedigree dogs - mongrels being a further pedigree(s) in da mix. We spent the rest of the day bickering whose crossbreed and whose mongrel.
abe = dobermann/jack russell
lindsay = collie /pyranese
java = collie/labrador/boxer/lurcher/

Not that it matters, not that we will ever treat Java any differently, it can't be easy for her and really, some of our best friends are mongys.

Discovered the SCAMPS dog competitions (for cross breeds and even mongys)have a Best Biscuit Catcher category. Forget all that stuff we said about competitions and rossettes being demeaning and purely to stroke the ego of human w*nkers.

Inukshuk line-up 14th of November - looking good. Andy Farley, Charlotte Birch, Ian M.

Biscuity Rosh Hashanah from the Canine Feminist Collective
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