kato age two

Kato's New Boyfriend

Kato won't see Oblong Ed until next September as its the summer break, and Kato gets out of the last day of term due to the Glade. We had hoped our little Princess would settle with a nice family dog Labrador or good with children Old English Sheepdog. But Kato turns into a swoony, smitten teenager at the mere sniff of a dangerous boy-dog rebel.

Kato didn't really notice Oblong Ed in Beginners Class but suddenly in a long Down Stay, their eyes met accross the field. Maybe it was the way he ran headlong into the agility equipment, maybe it was the way he yawned, flatdogged and went upside down in the Down Stay, or the way he refused to come out of the agility tunnel until *he* was ready.

Oblong Ed is a lovely dog, real name Bruce. The photos don't really show how friendly and affectionate Oblong Ed and The Sweetness are together.