kato age two


Mot. Even the insulated-from-extreme-weather doglet Lindsay is Mot. Looby is lying on the cool kitchen tiles panting. When it comes to halitosis, Lindsay strips paint, wilts trees and causes the strongest of men to put a lavender infused hanky to their snooter. This is Hells air conditioning. Dantes inferno in smell-o-vision.
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Jazz and Penny are so hot that they can't be bothered to reply. Or go outside, better to stay in the warm stone-built house rather than the baking back garden. And Jazz is going pink 'cos so much fur is falling out, even the top guard hair layer. Mind you she did mamage to bark at the guy who comes and stands in the front garden to say hello to her.
My two hate the heat and are upstairs in the coolest room in the house sleeping in front of the fan....when the do go out they make a beeline for the big fern behind the barrel or the dusty plantless flowerbed .....
Our um .. four .. are charging about as usual. Topaz as the senior member does take a break for sunbathing occasionally though and we get a few minutes of syncronised panting here and there.

No dog breath though, raw feeding is a marvellous thing!