kato paw

Happy Solstice

Happy Solstice from the Wisest, Zenist, Taoist, Mystic-ist feminist canine in the world - the chilled out old dudess Lindsay (14 of our human years) with creaking joints, deaf as a biscuit, failing eyesight, a tad forgetful (Where the feck did that feckin puppy come from?) no incontinence, still the most Crossy Legged dog in the Collective, bladder like a dam  -  but relishing the Licence for Eccentricity that each passing year brings. Lindsay is the Father Jack of the Canine World but still "down with the kids" as this picture shows

And Lindsay offers these wise words for the Solstice - "A biscuit in the paw gathers drool, strings of drool are the strings of our heart"  Errr........yeah.




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