kato age two

Back to the Asylum

Kato, Lindsay and Abe spent their weekend chasing/not noticing/avoiding the hose pipe resepctively. All three sat in the kitchen doorway marveling at the storm today - so that would be Abe & Lindsays fear of thunder a thing of the past. Heh! No way they were going to let the upstart Kato know they are scared of a little thunder clap.

Last night was worrying, Kato fretted all night long, seemingly to go out to the loo repeatedly. - humans worried about the ground glass she may have eaten earlier in the week. But Kato got up today in fine form, went to school. Kato likes the tunnel so much now she runs off at every opportunity to have a go. Perhaps she has arranged to meet Oblong Ed in there at playtime. In a close proximity Down Stay, Kato and Oblong Ed  belly slid towards each other for a canoodle. It was Oblong Eds birthday today, so maybe it was just a birthday smoozle.

Java had a FanBarkinTastic time with her Personal Dogsitter, Glyn. A seven mile walk amongst the many walks, 2 nights in the pub. Hung out with other girl dogs without so much as a hiss of aggression. On arrival back, Java ran in the garden, ran back to make sure Glyn was following. Took one look at the half soaked (literally) Kato covered in mud and bits of twig, the old Dudess stumbling about cursing, and headed back to the gate, The Thing in the Attic aka Abe barking pointlessly in the distance. "Come on Glyn Pet, these aren't our sort of people......." as she headed back towards the gate.   This is Java, right now, happily sleeping after her adventure.