java kato bed

to join the circus

Most little girls dream of running away to join the circus......just with Kato, its the Jim Rose circus!!! Todays Panic Yer Humans incident involved toppling a jar of tahini and the possibility that the greedy Kato and her accomplice Java consumed some glass. T'internet advised cotton wool soaked in milk (yummy) and Emergency Vet advised wholemeal bread (double yummy). Though Kato was suspicious of the wholemeal bread and took it to her lab to dissect and analyse before eating it.

Kato then slipped whilst playing indoor Slippy Dog with Java and twisted her leg. The Sweetness gave out a heart snapping scream panicing Humans paniced even further. Kato limped about for a bit - then back to being a whirling dervish. Java seems fine, usual chilled out self.

Having been fed cotton wool, this has made the sofa cushions fair game and Kato dutifully unstuffed one.

Kato and Java are to be observed for 24 hours for any signs of discomfort or illness.

Someone remind us why we thought Dog Four was a good idea?