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Oblong Ed and Hostages

The Sweetness continues to attend school every Sunday and has progressed to jumping through higher up hoops and scrambling over Scrambly Over Things, doing Stand Stays and Out of Sight Stays. Kato's best friend at school is Oblong 'Ead, a bull terrier really called Bruce. Oblong 'Eads approach to agility is happily running headlong *at* the hurdles and hoops, ending the circuit with the bits of agility equipment he hasn't trampled on, attached to him. Oblong 'Ead also refuses to come out of the tunnel, for hours, even when the trainer tips it up, Oblong 'Ead must just do the splits, attaching himself to the walls of the tunnel. This Rebel Without a Cause, has impressed our Teenage Sweetness so much, she now fancies him, Kato's just got a bit of an eye for Bad Boys. Kato even got to have a go on his retrieve toy because she forgot to take her own.

In other news, there are now new locks on the Spench, and the Temple of Food. Humans left the house on Friday for Men at Work/Mess Media at the Canal Club, which was Brill. Had visitors for post-club tea, the Sweetness got the guarding thing a bit wrong, let them in quite happily but then tried to stop them leaving. Hostage Taking is the New Guarding apparently. Or that pinch of collie in the mix doing a bit of rounding up.

This weekend is Java's second weekend with her new Personal Dogsitter, Glyn, which will include a 7 mile walk. Hoping that Gothic Dogsitters Inc. might be available too, to meet up with the other doglets.
Doh, this half of Gothic Dogsitters shall be in Milton Keynes, sorry!
How's 2nd-3rd July?
Too many gigs coming up!
Yep, either (or both)of those dates are fine - so thats one Gothic Dogsitter sorted - now to synchronise with Eddy too -
We used to have a Dobie when we were kids that would let you in but wouldnt let you out, apparantly its a well known Dobie tactic....
Wonder if Kato is half-dobie rather than rottie - but she does have a big head and seems to be getting some muscular padding. Not tall though - do you know when she will stop growing? She is 13 months now.
Well the "Standard" thinking is 18 months is when a puppy becomes an adult, and some dogs can change dramatically ...so you have about 5 more months of upwards growth and then the fill out an get muscle.....there are of course always exceptions to the rule...
Or it's just the Shepherd, Jazz is quite happy to have people join the pack/herd, but they just shouldn't leave. Ever.