kato age two

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Ways to tease Kato - pretend your chew bone is bigger, better, tastier than her bone, do an alarm bark and send her scuttling like a mad thing, then we pretend to be sleeping when the irate humans appear to see what all the fugginbarkins about. Oh, and tease her about her boyfriend because us older doglets reckon Crazy Frog bears an uncanny resemblance to Kato's boyfriend Blade.


Though Blade probably wouldn't bother with anything as wussy as a crash helmet.



I think he bears some resemblance given they're both driving me mad at present.
We (the Sheffdog crew's humans) were talking (gossiping) about Blade with the CFC's humans when we visited. One thing that came up was the differences in Penny's behaviour since she joined us. They reminded us that when we got her you couldn't get any where near her back legs. And if you were sharing a sofa and absent-mindedly stroked too far back she would scream or even snap at you. In fact she screamed at quite a lot of things (she is a drama queen) that don't bother her now. Any way the point of all this is that was three years ago, I don't know when she stopped, but she has and our persistence paid off in the end. And we had even forgotten she did it! -This is meant to be encouraging!- hopefully the time will come when you too have forgotten.

Mind you we are still working on stopping her howling whenever we pick up her bowl....