java kato bed

No Naked Flames

The Mensa Houdini Sweetness got the door to the Spench open today whilst humans were out. Java and Kato then tucked into a 15kg bag of Chappy Complete. Reckon they got 1kg in before being disturbed by the returning humans.

Java is fine, smug, sleepy,full,content - just looks pregnant (!) though silently letting out immense pongs. Java is a mix-up, scavenger mongrel, whose gastric constitution is like canine wheely bin/meths drinker/land fill. Java could do several alcopops, ten pints of Mild and three greasy kebabs without so much as a hiccup.

Kato is made up of breeds prone to Bloat ( ) so the humans were panicing. How to stop the young, but full to bursting, Kato, bouncing around trying to play Slippy. To keep her still and calm, the Sweetness got taken for a drive round South Staffs Villages and then a very slow, ambly walk accross Tettanhall Green. Kato likes going for a drive, is still and quiet.

Kato seems fine, though quiet and drowsy. But you wouldn't believe the deadly farts coming out of the little angel. Cooking a brick? The Sweetness is cooking an entire wall.
Ah yes...Chappie farts have to be experienced to be beleived.....we keep the food bag in a large metal dustbin with a padlocked lid....