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Java went to stay with her new personal dogsitter over the weekend. With the SheffDogs staying, it was a good opportunity as Java has "Issues" with other dogs who aren't Lindsay or Kato. If Java feels she can't fight visiting dogs, she starts on her Collective colleagues. Java has absolutely no problems with humans, likes 99.9% of people, not an overly affectionate dog, she has never licked a human to this day. Java is a rescue dog and whatever went before  balsall_heathan  and human adopted her - well, she has come a long way, but Java does have "Issues"  A pathological hatred of Abe being one of her issues.

Java seemed quite happy when she got into Glyns car,  of course she would miss us terribly, pine and be bereft. We went to collect her the next day. Java answered the door -

Java- Oh Hi, how lovely of you to drop round, I was just chewing a bone, make yourselves at home, Glyn! we've got visitors pet.

humans: Hi Java, has the ickle sticky dog missed her mum and dad?

Java: Huh? Errr.....oh yeah......I,m kind of busy right now in the garden, just doing some rolling around on the lawn, you know, like us happy dogs do.

humans: Oh, errrr, we'll just sit here and errr, wait

Java: Oh, Sos, em, thats my spot on the sofa, do you just mind moving over, thanks. Where was I? Oh how remiss - would you like some coffee?

humans: So you missed us then?

Java: Missed you?...Oh Yeah..... You know we went for a lovely walk last night, then Glyn and I  ended up in the pub, as you do, Glyn and I had such a laugh. Glyn and I went out this morning, met two lovely greyhounds..ha..ha, made me look chubby, can you believe it? ask Glyn. 

humans: Met other dogs? Java! Did you get in a scrap?

Java:  Scrap? Don't be silly - they were delightful, so were all the other dogs Glyn and I  met. Anyway, you chat with Glyn and I,ll just go check the garden out again. Back in a tick.

Humans are relieved and happy that Java is so well settled and at home with her new personal dogsitter . But bemused that Java had no issues whatsoever with other dogs - Glyn said she was quite happy, friendly, no aggression at all, when she met up with two female greys and various others on her adventure. Java loved the walking, had a fanbarkintastic time in the pub,  had the run of Glyns house and even waited until a civalised hour before getting him up. She was so happy - it was a pleasure to see and very reassuring.