kato age two

Our Weekend

Java went to stay with her new dogsitter - more about that in a seperate journal entry.

The remaining collective played hostess to The Sheffdogs - which made for an *interesting* weekend.

 "By Eck Lindsay" boomed Jazz the GSD "That rum pup of yours is a right southern poofter. Slippy Dog? I'll show t' little Jessy some right rough Slippy, none O that soft Midlands Slippy where we come from"

Abe was concerned at not being the only Cute in the village -

Kato and Penny, the Collective think Pennys alright for a pedigree chavlette....

Kato inbetween Scary Jazz and Sweet Penny


Humans made an attempt to get all five in a *Down*. Abe rather likes this picture - as she equals Scary Jazz in size. Kato sticks a sneaky tongue out at Jazz

Jazz and Kato play Slippy


Synchronised prawn cracker eating - because our humans are so easily amused and we doglets are so easily bought



What? No reverse Slippy Dog squeak clip? Awwww please.

Purple flower is Aquilega vulgaris or to the rest of us commoners columbine. I still think the blue flower is borage, given it's other name is bee balm (because they like it) and Abe's allergy you should get rid of it. Borage is an annual so just stopping it seeding will go a long way to seeing it off. As I said you can put the flowers in your Pimms, also the flowers and young leaves (before they get hairy) in salads and cook the older leaves like spinach so you could eat it to oblivion.
the borage is so gone - can't have Little Abe swelling up like a big balloon and doing the scary bulgingeye/yellow poo thing!

Pimms! Pimms is for Big Girls Blouse Dogs like that Jazz - of course the Collective would say that to her face.............