kato age two

Java - Bit of a Nasty Piece

Its been months since Abe and Java have been in sniffing distance of each other. We have pondered over how to reintroduce them but didn't want to risk upsetting the peace, and giving Kato ideas. Today there was a slip up in security and Abe and Java met up in the hall. There was a fight. Java despises Abe as much as she did months ago. Kato was bewildered by the incident but thankfully didn't join in. Lindsay was wandering round the garden, oblivious.

Certainly Java started it. Its so hard to believe that the affectionate pile of furry sticks asleep at my feet can hold such a killer instinct. I guess we had to find out sooner or later whether Abe and Java could ever accept each other again. Abe is limping but seems OK. Kato was full of concern for the very shaken Abe.

SheffDogs are here this weekend. Java will spend a lot of time alone, but funkensteins coming over to take her out tomorrow, and she is going overnight to her new dogsitter, Glyn. Java loves people, seems to like Kato, accepts Lindsay. But just hates other dogs, especially JRT crosses called Abe.
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