kato age two

Of Ducks And Squirrels

Humans went to Insurrection, free party couldn't happen so InukInsurrection sorted out a slight discount at Subway for AfterEssential and then managed to hijack a room to play some OK techno.
Humans slept like puppies most of Sunday, then paniced to empty the kitchen in preperation for the Fitters.

With the kitchen fitters in, we have spent everyday in either Sutton Park or Cannon Hill Park. Its been fantastic. Abe gets travel-bowels, squeaks like she's being kidnapped until the car stops. On alighting - Abe offloads the most incredible, stinking pile - no kidding - its as big as her!
Sutton Park full of pedigree types, all designer collars, shampooed bouffant furstyles and "Moi,I'm An Accessory" attitude. Even the ducks are posh. "Oh Quer-wark Darling" We prefer Cannon Hill, has a tea shop to occupy humans, Squirrels to mesmerise Java.
"Come to Java" she seducted in her best hypnotic, smoothy baritone.
Cannon Hill ducks look well hard, not to be messed with, "Wot you quackin lookin at?"

Humans contemplating free thing at Subway tomorrow to celebrate Abe's Sixth birthday on Saturday. Also, in view of our good behaviour in the vehicle, humans are considering a trip to the seaside - most dogs mark their route home with small traces of piddle, we will have huge, steaming beacons from here to North Wales, courtesy of That Abe!