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Teenage Kato Does Agility at School

Lindsay: So, Kato, what did you do at school today?
Kato: Oh Man, it was like Rank. But there was like some buff dudes to get down jiggy with. You know what am sayin? Big it up to the Tettanhall Mash Up Crew. I am the only cross breed Sistah, in amongst a Hood of Pedigree Chavs - but Whatever....like.....What EvvvAh dude.
Lindsay: What the blazes are you on about?
Kato: I need to wear more bling man, cos some o them Pedigree Chavs are well stush.
Lindsay: Abe! Come and translate......
Kato: Anyway, we wuss jumping, and more jumping, its jumps and hoops innit. And we did the cat walk, last week I was well scared, this week I was Da BIz. I was presentin!
Lindsay: Errr.....lovely.
Kato: And then there was this like tube man, like a big cylinder ting, you know what I,m sayin, you follow me.....yeah?, like yeah, but no, and da Man expected me to run troo it, like yeah, but No Way, you know what I,m sayin?
Lindsay: So, errrr, what happened?
Kato: I pointed out, like duh! Its quicker to go, like so round, than through! - but Da Man, he is like such a Geek, and he like, so insisted, so I just like, did it. You follow me? I was cool, da man was cool. Next week its retreevin - Da Man will dash it away, and I have to fetch it. Cool.

Abe: How was Kato's day at school?
Lindsay: I have absolutely no idea....