java kato bed

Mensa Sweetness (if a little shy)

Kato started big school today. Most of the class have been going for awhile, with just four joining today from Kato's Beginners class. Kato did well on the Stand Stay and Far Away Recall. Then some low introductory agility jumps but Kato really hesitated at running along the four foot high beam. It took the trainer holding the ass end, and hippy coaxing the front end, she eventually did it. Kato was a bit shy with the dogs she didn't know, but fine with the classmates that she knew. Kato sat/rolled in something smelly though and had to have a bath on her return. Followed by a game of Mud Slide Slippy with Java.

This evening Kato is absolutley shattered, quiet, refelctive and peaceful. Note to selves - must purchase agility equipment.

Java's new Pie Regime has commenced with some of her regular Mixer changed for Chappie complete. And leftovers!! - its rare the humans give us any leftovers these days, but Java got homemade cheese & onion sauce from the guilt ridden humans. And a sardine.
Heh! Your not wrong - Java usually does silent, demure but mingy parps but is doing long whistly ones. You could tune pianos to them. Kato also has Chappie Complete but she parps for Europe anyway

Dinnertime is quite complex here as all four are on different combinations of stuff and different amounts. (And the Sweetness gets two "proper" meals a day) And then theres who can dine with whom. Eye contact over dinner........can be so misunderstood.......