kato age two

Java Needs Pies

Normal service is resumed - yesterday our LJ was hijacked by our human. Human is feeling politically despondent after Labour didn't get the kicking that they deserved.

Humans noticed today that Java of Sticks, is more Sticky than usual. Her weight loss has perhaps gone un-noticed as it was just assumed that The Sweetness had just grown again, making all the other doglets look smaller, or further away - depending on your perspective. But today during "Fuss" - it was noticed that Java is very skinny. Too skinny. It may just be the endless playing of Slippy with the Dog Child, burning off the Pies.

But also, her coat seems to be thinning. She has always had some baldy spots on the underside, but on close inspection her coat feels thin and poor, with extra baldy bits. Possibly Java is mid-moult, she looks rusty -a black/brown two tone effect.

More Pies for Java.

Now theres a slogan that could win an election.
And one that Penny has great sympathy with, she hasn't had her breakfast yet (should be doing that instead of this, will do in a minute, just turned on to replay Uncle Bob from last night, got distracted....). How old is Java now? Oh now Jazz and Penny are indicating the urgency of their need for breakfast by barking at the neihbours....