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Usual Canine Feminist Collective transmission is suspended while our human says something wise.........

Like boglin  I had always been Labour, but I today I also voted Lib Dem. Because I can't get these words out of my head.

 "Yesterday I was shot ... please ... yesterday I was shot over there - and talked to all of you on camera - I am one of the guys from this whole group. I gave you information. Do you speak Arabic? I want to give you information."

I have never heard anyone plead for their life before. I have heard the old, sick and dying, bargain & fret, but not beg in utter despair and degradation. The man had just seen a defenceless colleague shot at point blank range.

I am doing alright under this government but the ugly years of Tory government showed me what selfish, self centred, "I,m alright Jack" capitalism does to people and to society. It was ugly back then - but its even uglier now. I can not forgive Blair for Iraq. I can not forgive his muppets for not standing up to him.

Over the last few years I have watched the quiet and unnoticed erosion of Social Care. Basic rights have been put out of reach of vulnerable older people - such as having a bath, having clean clothes, having company, a hot meal, someone to get the lid off the cat food and help with shopping.  Only those with a severe medical condition, with family and carers at breaking point, come to our services now. We wait for the break down. Those older people who just need a little bit of support to make their existance bearable are sitting alone in piss and squalor. Silent voices.

Personal Care and Social Care should be free and without prejudice.  

Have I let the Tories in by the back door? I doubt I will see a Lib Dem government any time soon - but then women didn't get a full  equal vote till 1928, Emiline Pankhurst started the movement in 1903. From little acorns.......



hear hear! I voted Lib Dem too, but to be honest I've never voted for Blair's New Labour - John Smith now, he would have been a different kettle of fish!
someone to get the lid off the cat food

Have you heard about the rise in "vegan" OAPs? It's simply so difficult to open those damned plastic milkbottles that many are giving up on putting milk in their tea.

I've ground up a special "oyster knife" for one of my neighbours, so they can cut the tops off with a 1/4" bladed knife that won't stab them when they slip with it.
Go to the shop, buy a "Good Grips" little knife (fat easy-grip handle). Fit a metal disk "hilt" around the blade. Cut the blade short, grind the edges blunt and then re-sharpen just part of one edge to leave a slightly recessed short blade.

It'll cut through the plastic milkbottle nozzles, but it's basically blunt for anything that isn't thin sheet.