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The Sweetness Comes Of Age

Happy Birthday to yow

Happy Birthday Dear Sweeeeeeeeeeet...........Nesssssssssssss
Happy Birthday to yow

The plan was to enter the Sweetness in some of the classes at the Greyhound Gap day at Walsall Arboretium. But a slight mishap with space/time continium (read map wrong so very late) so just spectated instead.  Kato and Lindsay enjoyed the day - there were probably about 150 dogs there. Kato was a bit barky, not nasty, just barky shyness. Lindsay didn't really notice there were any other dogs until one stuck its Snooter in her personal space and she did a snappy thing in surprise. 

Kato graduated from Beginners class today. The Mensa Sweetness starts advanced class next week which includes Flyball and Agility. Heres hippy receiving Kato's  certificate and Kato pick pocketing a wallet.



aaaah, the darlings, congratulations!

OK for w/e 20-23? I did leave a message, but it wasn't either of you on the recording, so I might have phoned the wrong people.

Yeah, it should be fine. hippys just rubbish at phoning people. Might be an opportunity for Java to do a brief trial run at her new dogsitters as she will probably play up all weekend.

When did Jazz stop growing?

And why does every plant I attempt to grow either go spindley/have faded leaves?

Questions not related - Sweetness isn't spindley or fading.