Dog / Zogg

Humans back from Planet Zogg - had a brilliant time, Opal (oberons live act) played and were very good in that uplifting, melodic tune over powerful flubby bass, sort of way. Crowd were very chirpy, cheerful mix. Forgot to buy the new and wonderful Zogg T-shirts - going to e-mail Greg Zogg about them. The main floor for Zogg has two sort of seperated dancefloors, which leaves plenty of room for ravers with their Light Weaponary such as poy, twiddley sticks. No danger of having anyones eye out.
We spent the night in the tender, loving arms of Gothic Dogsitters Inc. Eddys limping less from his recent Javaesque injury. We all squashed on the sofa for playstation, tucker and fuss.
hatty & Hippy have shocked us by annoucing that they are going out to Insurrection, doing its first night at Radius. Which suits us as we are deadbeat after partying with the Gothlets all night.
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