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Its Kato's first birthday on Sunday - to celebrate The Sweetness is going to the Greyhound Gap fundraising day in Walsall and possibly being entered in the "Best Black Dog" and "Dog Judge Would Most Like to Take Home" category. Technically she could enter "Best Puppy" as its 12 months and below.  Yeah, technically she is not actually that black (before y'all write in) - maybe about 70% - but its not that serious..........hope not anyway. Kato's birthday prezzie,  a paddling pool and floating frisbee, tho humans havn't purchased it yet. Must invite that rum lad Blade up, as the older doglets are far too dignified&reserved to play Aquatic Slippy.

Lindsay is also going along to the Fun Day but just as a spectator, they don't have a category for most Eccentric Old Dudess.

Then its off to class for Kato's graduation as a Competent Beginner Canine Citizen type thingy for which she gets a certificate. Kato, for all her teenage,playful antics and wilful two fingers up rebellious phase, has done really well and will be going on to the advanced class next term.  Her off lead "heel" is impressive, though only with hippy, with other human its........slack.  Kato really enjoys school, though she really needs to let off steam when she gets back, after all that "behaving correctly" for an hour, she needs a good Samouri Slippy Dog to unwind.  

Humans planning next phase of rennovations of the house - heres the fireplace in the kitchen, needs tiling and a surround - what colours would complement the ornimental doglets........?




That's got to be one of the joys of largely black dogs. They go with pretty much anything ;o)