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Japanese Knotweed - the Return

Last summer our gardening human declared war on the Japanese Knotweed in our garden.  A sinister plant of evil, that even David Bellamy quivers at and suggests the only remedy is to move house.

Glyphosate was her allie in the war on the bamboo impersonating infidel. There is a barren patch in the garden, a post apocalyptic desert, where nothing grows. Just the dead, blackened husks of Knotweed Clumps. It was over. Long over. She wipes the sweat from her brow. Just the very thought of the battle exhausts her, those endless assaults with Round-Up weapons.

Some had said three years before you can be sure but her adversary lies impotent, motionless. Just a memory now, of a  war that raged back in the Spring/Summer of 04. She often returns to the location where that slow chemical death took place just to be sure, to be certain. She stares at the barren ground, a sigh of relief as she turns back to the house. But today was different....

Then she hears a snicker, no, it can't be.......a hiss, a rustle, a whispering, mocking raspberry......

"Go get your Round-Up Bitch, this summer..... its personal!"

Thanks for that - makes scary reading. Dunno how else to get rid of the Japanese Knotweed. It really does grow about an inch a day and spreads so quickly.

The main clumps that we treated last year look so dead but on closer inspection there are tiny almost Bonsai shoots coming up -- and its appeared elsewhere this year.

Perhaps we ought to treat it and cover it up with something.
Love gardens - hate the revolting weed hell that goes with them - I have a lawn invaded constantly by either blackberry brambles or bindweed - and I don't like the idea of using weed killer on them, cos last time some of it blew away and ended up killing some of the good stuff in the garden - dammit!!
I tried to kill my previous garden and also killed two six inch strips on the wrong side of the fences (the neighbours).


I wish I could kill my neighbours garden - it's from their jungle yard that I'm getting all the weeds and brambles in the first place!!