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Lilo 1994-2005 RIP

Lilo, Lindsay and hippys cat, passed away on Friday following a short but acute illness. Lilo retired happily, two and a half years ago to Chester, to reside happily with The Parents due to Abe & Java not being "cat-types".

Lilo was discovered by Lindsay under hippys hedge, many years ago. hippy thought the poorly kitten was in such a bad way that he wouldn't last the night. Lilo awoke the next day and mewed "Your My Wife Now" to a very surprised Lindsay, and found herself politely stepping aside from the food bowl to let Prince Lilo get his nose in.

Sorry to hear that, pass on my regards to the hippy. Not much else can be said except to reflect on all the years you've had as being ones Lilo probably wouldn't have had otherwise.
Byebye Lilo
I remember you well despite the fact that its been many years since we last met. Commiserations Hippy :(
Thanks to all of you for your nice words. There follows another picture of Lilo when he was young. He's yawning, not being sick.... (I can't post the pic, so doglets will have to do it for me.)